Board & Staff

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve.

Kathy Granger, President

, Vice President

Elizabeth Rutkowski, Secretary

Dana Allen, Treasurer


Dana Allan
Kathy Granger
Philip Mero
Elizabeth Rutkowski
Bethany Sousis


 Our staff has a strong commitment to serving the community.

General Administration

Valerie Ainsworth, Executive Director
518-962-2077 x1226

Vanessa Moses, Office/Human Resource Administrator
518-962-2077 x1211

Heidi Rosinski, Finance Administrator
518-962-2077 x1218

Douglas Meyer, Sr., M.Ed, Director of Services
518-962-2077 x1239

Rajal Patel, Finance Administrator Assistant
518-962-2077 x1250

Kathleen Thompson, Program Documentation Facilitator
518-962-2077 x1217

Brandy Lacey, Administrative Assistant
518-962-2077 x1236

Care Coordination

Marisa Gaddor, Chief Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1216

Cherie Crowningshield, Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1227

Harold O’Connor, Care Coordinator
518-585-9072 x1103

Harry Bassett, Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1214

Megan Dedrick, Care Coordinator
518-585-9072 x1104

Karen Welch, Care Coordinator
518-585-9072 x1220

Gabrielle Gouveia, Mental Health System Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1229

Crisis Intervention Program  

 Mobile Crisis Prevention Coordinator

Markie Teriele, On call in house
518-962-2077 x 1265

Stacey Anderson, Peer Advocate

Devon Wallace, Peer Advocate

Wellness and Recovery

Traci Ploufe, Wellness and Recovery Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1225

Julie Baker, Job Placement Advisor
518-962-2077 x1222

Darcy Morse, Peer Support Advocate
518-585-9072 x1105

John Nailor, Peer Support Advocate
518-585-9072 x1221

Adam Clark, Peer Support Advocate
518-962-2077 x1232

Sandra Herrick, Peer Support Advocate
518-962-2077 x1213

Supported Housing

Maghan Wolson, Housing Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1236

Kellie Trombley, Housing Advisor
518-585-9072 x1102

HCBS Program Assistant

Katherine Collien
518-962-2077 x1210

Brad Hammond, Maintenance Coordinator
518-962-2077 x1224

Larry Clark, Janitor

Stewart Jerdo, Janitor