Board & Staff

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve.

Kathy Granger, President

Kristen True, Vice President

Dana Allen, Secretary

Dana Allen, Treasurer


Dana Allan
Kristen True
Kathy Granger
Patrick Kelley
Philip Mero
Elizabeth Rutkowski
Fran Ramirez

 Our staff has a strong commitment to serving the community.

General Administration

Valerie Ainsworth, Executive Director
518-962-2077 x226

Vanessa Moses, Office/Human Resource Administrator
518-962-2077 x211

Heidi Rosinski, Finance Administrator
518-962-2077 x218

Douglas Meyer, Sr., M.Ed, Director of Services
518-962-2077 x239

Maghan Mitchell, Finance Administrator Assistant
518-962-2077 x233

Kathleen Thompson, Program Documentation Facilitator
518-962-2077 x217

Brandy Lacey, Administrative Assistant
518-962-2077 x236

Care Coordination

Marisa Gaddor, Chief Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x216

Cherie Crowningshield, Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x227

Harold O’Connor, Care Coordinator
518-585-9072 x103

Harry Bassett, Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x214

Megan Dedrick, Care Coordinator
518-585-9072 x 104

Gabrielle Gouveia, Mental Health System Care Coordinator
518-962-2077 x229

Crisis Intervention Program  

Shelby Davis, Mobile Crisis Prevention Coordinator
518-518-9072 x 101

Kerri McCann

Stacey Anderson, Peer Advocate
518-962-2077 x212

Wellness and Recovery

Traci Ploufe, Wellness and Recovery Coordinator
518-962-2077 x 225

Julie Baker, Job Placement Advisor
518-962-2077 x222

Darcy Morse, Peer Support Advocate
518-585-9072 x100

John Nailor, Peer Support Advocate
518-585-9072 x221

Adam Clark, Peer Support Advocate
518-962-2077 x232

Devon Wallace, Peer Support Advocate

Sandra Herrick, Peer Support Advocate
518-962-2077 x213

Donna McConnell, HCBS worker

Supported Housing

Joi Larrucci, Housing Coordinator
518-962-2077 x250

Kellie Trombley, Self-Help/Housing Advisor
518-585-9072 x 102


Brad Hammond, Maintenance Coordinator
518-962-2077 x224

Larry Clark, Janitor

Dan Harrington, Janitor