March 23,2020

Executive Director, Valerie Ainsworth 

PHONE: 518-962-2077


MHA will remain open and continue to provide services across Essex County using a combination of approaches including telephone and video conferencing. The Mental Health Association in Essex County Inc. (MHA) has taken steps to respond to the current pandemic and is operating in an uninterrupted but modified manner to provide their full-range of services to those in need. Due to modified regulations from multiple New York State Departments, our Westport and Ticonderoga office was been closed.  MHA services have moved to remote services to protect both the clients, staff and our community. MHA has acted quickly in response to the Coronavirus pandemic by migrating over 30 staff members to working in the home environment over the last week with minimal delay or interruption in services.


MHA provides vital services to hundreds of individuals through a comprehensive array of programs across Essex County. These services include: Wellness & Recovery, Adirondack Employment Services,

Supported Education, Self Help, Supported Housing, Mobile Crisis, Home Health Coordination and Non Medicaid Care Coordination, and our HOPELINE, which remains fully functional:


 The HOPELINE is a phone line that people can call and just talk if they need to. It provides support to those experiencing mental and emotional crises. Our staff is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, by calling 1-800-440-8074


MHA’s website and social media sites will be updated frequently regarding updates and change in services if necessary. MHA is committed to supporting the community at this time and recognize the current stressors that we are all currently living in. We know this is a challenging time for everyone. We should all stay at home and be sure to focus on our physical, mental, and social health. To that end and in an effort to support our community, we have launched a new feature on our website, activities. This page will offer daily at-home activities, ideas, etc. for adults to help take care of yourself from a physical, mental and social perspective. Join us at


In times of crisis like these, it is not an option to temporarily halt services, many individuals need to access these services in their everyday lives and rely on these programs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain in their homes.


Going forward, services will be conducted by a video or audio connection whenever and wherever possible. We continue to provide minimal but critical staffing to ensure continuity of services and our ability to serve those who may not have access to internet or telephone, or may have needs that are better served using approaches other than telehealth.

If you have any questions regarding MHA services, please call, our business lines are open, (518) 962-2077. Our Office hours are 8am-3:30pm.



COVID-19 Virus update



Dear Consumer,


I am writing to you in regard to the recent events that are unfolding throughout the world and are now starting to affect Essex County, NY.  Due to the COVID-19 Virus (novel coronavirus) outbreak and the increasing measures to prevent the further spread of the Virus to Essex County, NY, several steps have been taken:


-March 10, 2020 Essex County, NY issued a state of Emergency

-March 13, 2020 our President declared a National Emergency


In a continued effort by local and state officials to prevent further spread of Covid-19, we were advised to temporarily stop face to face interactions.


Please be aware that as a preventative measure we are being recommended by the state to conduct daily business by phone starting, March 14, 2020.  This is proactive and meant for your safety.  These preventative measures were recommended by the New York State Department of Health officials and will be enforced until we are told it is safe to resume in-person interactions.  We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may pose and recommend that you reach out to MHA staff or your providers as needed for additional supports and guidance.


As always, our Hopeline will remain open and available 24/7 during this time.

Phone number:  1-800-440-8074 OR 518-962-2077


With the state recommendation to limit community interaction, I do hope it is comforting to know that MHA Hopeline staff is here, day or night to provide listening support.  Please, do not hesitate to call.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our staff at 518-962-2077 to help assist you.


Please note: Included with this letter is an informational sheet that we recommend you complete and carry with you (in-case you need medical assistance in the future).  Again, please contact your care coordinator; Hopeline staff or other providers if you need assistance completing this form.


Thank you for your understanding,


The Mental Health Association in Essex County, Inc.


New Self-Help Series Starting Soon!

The next series in MHA’s Self-Help program will be Anger Management, beginning Wednesday, January 10, 2018.  This weekly series of self-help workshops is designed to be used by participants in mental health and/or substance abuse treatment programs, but all are welcome to attend.  The curriculum includes an overview of anger management, recognizing events and cues, designing your own anger control plan, learning about the agression cycle, working with a conflict resolution model, learning about anger and how it affects the family and much more.  Participants can attend as they are able, you don’t need to attend all of the sessions to be able to participate.

If you are an active member of the Mental Health Association in Essex County and would like to register for Anger Management classes, you can click here , call Kellie or Transportation at (518) 962-2077.

If you are not yet an active member of the Mental Health Association and would like to attend, please call Kathy at (518) 962-2077 and request an intake.  Please call prior to January 4, 2018 to allow sufficient time to process your intake.

Curriculum source:  Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients, SAMHSA