Adirondack Employment Opportunities

sunlight star on top of forest canopy_Adirondack Employment Opportunities is a Supported Employment Program and an Employment Network. We will provide both on and off the job supports as frequently as necessary to help individuals living with disabilities learn their jobs and to foster social skills.

Eligibility Requirements for our Program:

Our Supported Employment Program is designed to assist individuals living
with disabilities. To meet the eligibility requirements of our program, there
must be written documentation of a disability such as:
– Physical
– Mental Health/Emotional
– Learning


Pre-Employment Skills

– Resume and Cover Letter Writing
– Typing Skills with Mavis Beacon Software
– WOWI (World of Work Inventory Career Assessment)
– Time Management Skills, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction
– Also – A Job Seekers’ Club is held monthly to assist in various pre-employment areas!


We meet with potential employers throughout Essex and surrounding counties to advocate for employment on your behalf. We will work with you and the employer together to assist with obtaining and maintaining employment. We also work to secure accommodations as necessary to help you perform the job! We may also arrange Job Shadowing, Work Tryouts, and/or Volunteer work based on your interests and goals.

Job Coaching

Provided both on and off work site to assist individuals in learning their job duties, social skills, to provide assistance as needed, mediation, and to assist with accommodations if necessary.


If you are enrolled in VESID (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities), we can offer incentives to employers such as tax breaks, free recruitment services, pre-screened applicants, work tryouts – in which wages would be reimbursed, and consistent follow up to ensure satisfaction! We may also be able to help you with clothing and supplies necessary to start work!
Also, if you are currently receiving S.S.I. or S.S.D.I. (Supplemental Security
Income or Social Security Disability Income), we can as an Employment Network,
utilize your Ticket To Work through the Social Security Administration without repercussion of losing your Medicaid benefits!

“Plan your work and Work your plan!”