Mobile Crisis Services

If someone is in immediate risk of hurting themselves or someone else, is in immediate danger because of another type of emergency situation, including drug overdose, please call 911 immediately.

To make a mobile crisis referral by phone or to reach the MHA 24-hour Hopeline, call 1-800-440-8074.


New York Residence, Click here to access our online Mobile Crisis Referral Form. 

(New Jersey Residence, Click here to be directed to a MHA near you)

Essex County New Jersey residence, please click here to A mobile crisis worker can respond to Essex County residents in crisis at their location, whether it is their home, hospital, community or other location. Any concerned person can make a referral for mobile crisis services, however the client will need to provide consent upon meeting with a crisis worker.

A mental health or psychosocial crisis is a situation in which an individual experiences extreme emotional or behavioral distress, considering harm to self or others, is disoriented or out of touch with reality, has a compromised ability to function, or is otherwise agitated and unable to be calmed. Examples of a mental health crisis can include talking about suicide, talking about threatening behavior, self-injury but not requiring immediate medical attention, alcohol, opioid or other substance abuse, highly erratic or unusual behaviors, not taking medications as prescribed, emotionally distraught, very depressed, angry or anxious. If possible, do not leave the person in crisis alone; but always be sure to remove yourself from any imminent danger.

Upon completion of the confidential referral form, you can expect a crisis worker to call you or the client for a more detailed screening to determine if mobile crisis is the appropriate level of care and course of action. If a crisis worker is not available at the time of your referral, contact will be made within 12 hours. Services include crisis intervention, mental health and suicide risk assessment, liaison and referral to community resources, support to family members and other concerned individuals, short term follow up, education on coping strategies and prevention techniques.

To access other MHA services in a non-crisis situation, such as the Wellness & Recovery Center, Self-Help Groups, Supported Employment, and Home-Based Community Services, please have the individual call 962-2077 to complete a self-referral.

Click Here to Download PDF of Mobile Crisis Referral Form