The Essex County Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Essex County Suicide Prevention Coalition, a group of concerned citizens and representatives from local service agencies and County Departments, is asking for your help with an upcoming event to raise awareness of suicide prevention. We are looking for donations of backpacks to be used in a display. The back packs can be used and can be of any size, color, etc. If you have one or more backpack(s) that you can donate to the cause, please drop them off ASAP at the Mental Health Clinic (c/o
Steve Valley) or Public health (c/o Linda Beers) or The Mental Association in Essex  County, Inc.(c/o Shelby Davis)

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

You may have heard of the suicide of a middle school student in South Glens Falls earlier this week. Parents, Grandparents, anyone with a teen or young person in your life, take a few minutes and watch “Not My Kid” on the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide’s website. There are many resources on the website on how to start a conversation with your kid about suicide, what the warning signs are, how to ask for help, what to do if one of their friends makes an attempt and much more. Local resources are available too; the Essex County Mental Health Clinic has a 24 hour on call clinician, you don’t have to be client, you can call for help anytime at 888-854-3773, Mental Health Association in Essex County, Inc. Hopeline at 800-440-8074, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’. Help is available.